Children Functions

The Women and Child Development Department, Government of Maharashtra continuously strives to promote survival, protection, development, empowerment and participation of children in a holistic manner. As part of Child Protection & Rehabilitation Services, the department has established a network of Child Care Institutions (CCIs) such as Children Homes, After Care Homes and Observation Homes, Special Homes etc. in the state. The department works towards holistic growth of the residing in these CCIs so they are easily absorbed in the mainstream society and that their rehabilitation is successful. Some of the key objectives of the department for ensuring Child Development are:

  • Care and protection to deprived, destitute, orphan, neglected and delinquent children
  • Education and vocational training for the rehabilitation of such children
  • Make efforts for providing family-based support to orphan, neglected and destitute children
  • Reduce the extent of delinquency amongst children
  • Prevent child marriages and to prevent the trafficking of children
  • Generate social awareness regarding child rights and justice In