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Contribute to strengthening the system of welfare and rehabilitation of children under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015


The department is working for the welfare and empowerment of children through various policies and programs. This includes creating awareness, providing protection services, and ensuring the child's holistic development. Department provides institutional, legal and psycho-social support for enabling the children in need of care and protection to develop to their full potential.


Women and Child Development Department, Government of Maharashtra realise the power of partnerships and the importance of support from Corporates/Individuals in achieving sustainable welfare and rehabilitation of children through various policies and programs for which Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a vital role.


Your contributions will be credited to “Juvenile Justice Fund”. The funds you provide will be used to enhance institutional care provided to children in the state provide legal and life-skill support to the children in institutional care. The capital and infrastructure support for a person who attained eighteen years of age within institutional care to ensure their reintegration into mainstream life will be provided from the funds. The department will undertake any other innovative programme or activity to support the holistic growth, development, and well-being of children under the Juvenile Justice act. The Board of Management for Juvenile Justice Fund under the chairpersonship hon. Principal secretary, DWCD, GoM has the right to make decisions on the use of the funds.

The government of Maharashtra invites individuals and companies to be part of the vision by contributing to the welfare of children in need of care and protection in the state.


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