Women and Child Development Commissionerate

The Women and Child Development Commissionerate is working for Social, Economic and Political Empowerment of women and children through various policies and programmes. This includes creating awareness, mainstreaming gender concerns, providing institutional and legal support for enabling the needy women and children to develop to their full potential. Some of the key functions of the WCD Commissionerate are:

  1. Implementing legislations, policies, programmes and schemes for social and economic empowerment of women and protection and development of children.
  2. Implementation of Integrated Child Protection Scheme
  3. Set Up and Control rehabilitation homes for women and children such as Children Homes, Shelter Homes for Women, Observation Homes, Special Adoption Agencies, After Care Homes and so on.
  4. Coordinating with the parent department, other govt. departments, govt. of India for convergence of programmes relating to women and children
  5. Skill up gradation for employment to the asset less and marginalized women and Improving access of women to micro credit finance