+ Manodhairya Scheme for Rape victims, Children who are victims of Sexual Offences and Acid Attack Victims (Women and Children)
  • It is of utmost importance to ensure the victims of Rape and Acid Attacks (Women and Children) are brought out from the psychological shock that they suffer. It is also equally important to provide them Shelter, Financial Assistance, Medical and Legal Aid and Counselling Services.
  • As per the directions of the Hon. Bombay High Court, the State has now revised the Financial Norms and Revised Manodhairya Scheme has been launched
  • Govt. of Maharashtra has been implementing Manodhairya Scheme for rehabilitation of victims of Rape and Acid Attacks (women and children) by providing them Financial Assistance
  • With this in mind, the WCD Dept. is implementing Manodhairya Scheme in the State. Financial Assistance of Rs.1 Lakhs and in special cases Rs. 10 Lakhs. is provided to the victims. Based on the requirement, Rehabilitation of victims and their dependents by way of shelter, counselling, medical and legal support, Education and Vocational Education is carried out.
  • Single Window System: Complete process starting from accepting the forms to providing financial assistance have been handed over to District Level/ State Level Legal Services Authority
  • Inclusion of minor Girls under ITPA Act: The revised Act also covers Minor Girls rescued under The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956


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+ Manjhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme
  • From 1st August 2017, WCD Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra has started implementation of First-of-its-Kind scheme “Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree”.
  • Under this scheme, Govt. shall provide Financial Assistance as follows:
    • One Girl Child: Rs.50,000 for a period of 18 years
    • Two Girl Children: Rs. 25,000 each on the name of both the Girls
    • Benefits applicable only to the Families having monthly income upto 7.5 Lakhs and only after submission of Family Planning Certificate
    • The families can withdraw accumulated interest after every six years.
  • Funds worth Rs. 20 Crores (FY 2017-18) and Rs. 14 Crores (FY 2018-19) have been distributed for creation of Fixed Deposits

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+ Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS)
  • ICDS is one of the flagship initiatives of Govt. of India that is being implemented in the state by WCD Dept.
  • ICDS seeks to provide young children with an integrated package of services such as supplementary nutrition, health care and pre-school education.
  • Health and Nutrition needs of a child cannot be addressed in isolation from those of his or her mother and therefore the programme also extends to adolescent girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • ICDS programme seeks to provide all basic essential services to children and mothers in an integrated manner right in their villages or wards. Gradually, the scheme has been expanded to urban slums and to rural and tribal blocks.
  • There are total 553 ICDS projects operations in the State of which, 364 projects are in Rural Areas, 85 projects are in Tribal Areas and 104 projects are in Urban Slum Areas.
  • Some of the key service being provided to the beneficiaries under this scheme are:
    • Supplementary Nutrition
    • Immunization
    • Healthcare Checkup
    • Referral Health Services
    • Non Formal Pre-School Education
    • Nutrition and Health Education
+ Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme
  • With a core objective of increasing the Child Sex ratio in the State, the WCD Department has started implementation of Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao Scheme of the Central Govt. in 10 Districts i.e. Beed, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar, Buldhana, Aurangabad, Washim, Kolhapur, Osmanabad, Sangli and Jalna.
  • The overarching goals of this scheme are to:
    • Prevent Gender biased sex selective elimination
    • Ensure survival& protection of the girl child
    • Ensure education & participation of the girl child
  • Since 15th June 2016, additional six districts Hingoli, Solapur, Pune , Parbhani , Nashik , Latur were also added into the scheme
  • The G.R. Dated 6th August 2018 issued for implementation of said scheme  in  remaining 19 districts
  • Maharashtra State is the only State in the country where it’s two districts Jalgaon & Osmanabad were felicitated with special award by Hon’ble Minister WCD, GOI, on National Girl Child Day, 24th January 2017. This districts were recognized for contribution “effective community engagement, enforcement of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act and enabling girl child education

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+ Child Care Institutions (CCIs)
  • The WCD Dept. realizes that Child Protection is about protecting children from or against any perceived or real danger or risk to their life, their personhood and childhood. It is about reducing their vulnerability to any kind of harm and ensuring that no child falls out of the social safety net and that those who do, receive necessary care, protection and support so as to bring them back into the safety net. While protection is a right of every child, some children are more vulnerable than others and need special attention.
  • In addition to providing a safe environment for these children, it is imperative to ensure that all other children also remain protected. This is because Child protection is integrally linked to every other right of the child.
  • Taking this into consideration, the Department has established a network of more than 1100 residential care institutions for children that are alleged and found to be in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection by catering to their basic needs through proper care, protection, development, treatment, social re-integration, by adopting a child-friendly approach.
  • The CCIs institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures for emergency outreach, institutional care, family and community based care, counselling and support services at the national, regional, state and district levels
+ Counselling Centre for Women
  • Counselling support is provided to victims of atrocities (Women and Children) to help them get rid of the psychological stress
+ SavitribaiPhule Multipurpose Women's Centre for victims of atrocities
  • Consulting and Guidance is provided to women who are victims of atrocities.
  • These centers are hubs for these victim where they can seek guidance and counselling on Legal Support, Employment and Vocational Training.
+ Child Advisory Centers
  • The state has established these centers for enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability. 
  • These types of institutes are opened in slum areas. Currently, once such institute is operating in Mumbai having  75 to 100 children
+ Bal SangopanYojna (Family Based Care for Children)
  • Under this programme, a substitute family care is provided for a temporary period to children whose parents are not able to take care of their children due to several reasons including  illness, death, separation or desertion of one parent, or any other crisis.
  • Since every child needs and has the right to be cared for in a family, foster care is a programme whereby a home is provided for the child for a short or extended period.
  • A grant of Rs. 425 per child per month is given by the govt. to the foster parent(s) through an NGO for meeting the basic expenses of the child. The implementing NGO is given a supporting grant of Rs. 75 per month per child to meet administrative expenses, including home visits.

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+ Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme for the Children of Working Mothers
  • Under this program, pre-school children are provided requisite toys and educational material
  • Considering these factors and following the guiding principles of the Government of India, the Government of Maharashtra has started 600 crèches in the districts of Thane, Nashik, Nandurbar, Amravati, Gadchiroli and Chandrapur on experimental basis

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+ Indira Gandhi MatritvaShayogYojna (IGSMY)
  • The main objective the scheme is to provide cash incentive as compensation of wage loss to women during pregnant and lactating period as well as upgrade their health status and get nutritious food.
  • After Enrolment Pregnant women can avail the financial benefits provided by the government. Government provides total Rs.6,000 in two installments. One at the time of child birth (Rs.3,000) and after child completes 6 months. (Rs.3,000).
  • Currently scheme is applicable in Amravati and Buldhana Districts

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+ Scheme for Adolescent Girl

The following are the overreaching goals of this scheme:

  • Enable self-development and empowerment of Adolescent Girl
  • Improve their nutrition and health status
  • Spread awareness among them about health, hygiene, nutrition, adolescent  reproductive and sexual health (ARSH), and family and child care
  • This scheme is applicable for adolescent girls of the age group of
    • 11 to 14 Years who do not attend School
  • Upgrade their home based skills, life skills and vocational skills Mainstream out of school Adolescent Girls into formal/non formal education
  • Inform and guide them about existing public services, such as PHC, CHC Post office, Bank, Police Station etc.
  • Currently, scheme is applicable in 11 the districts of state   

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+ Kishori Shakti Yojana

The following are the key objectives of this scheme:

  • Impart health and hygiene education & training to adolescent girls regarding on bad effects of early marriage to avoid frequent child births need for balanced diet, consumption of green vegetables etc.
  • Under this scheme various programs are organized such as kishori Melawa Kishori Arogya Shibir etc. at AWC level. Adolescent girls which are found anemic special care has been taken through, IFA tablets with special training for self-hygiene.
  • Currently, scheme is applicable in the Districts of Ahmednagar, Akola, Aurangabad, Bhandara, Chandrapur, Dhule, Hingoli, Jalgain, Jalna, Latur, Nandurbar, Osmanabad, Parbhani, Pune, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sangli, Sindhudurg, Solapur, Thane, Wardha, Washim, Yavatmal, below mentioned districts only (23)

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+ Women State Homes for Destitute Women, Teenage Mothers, Women who are victims of atrocities (Age Group of 16 to 60 years)
  • Safe and protected environment and basic facilities are provided to the residing women. Rehabilitation of the victims is ensured through Marriage and Employment.
  • Aid of Rs. 1000 per beneficiary, Rs. 500 per month for her first child and Rs. 400 per month for her second child is provided after her first month of stay in the State
  • The Women State Homes are established (1 each) in Pune, Baramati, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur, Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad, Jalna, Nanded, Latur, Akola, Jalgaon, Nashik, Dhule Districts. There are two State Homes in Nagpur District. 

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+ Shelter Homes for Destitute Women, Teenage Mothers, Women who are victims of atrocities (Age Group of 16 to 60 years)
  • The shelter homes provide a safe and protected environment and basic facilities such as Food, Clothing, Shelter, Security, Medical Assitance, Education and Training related facilities, Legal Advise and so on.
  • Victims are eligible for Maher Scheme after a stay of 30 days. Rehabilitation of the victims through Marriage/ Skill Development etc.
+ Welfare Scheme for Devdasis
  • Maintenance Allowance is provided to Devdasis along with Grant in Aid to Devdasi and their daughters for marriage
  • Grant to Children of Devdasi is provided for purchasing School Uniform and other School related items
  • Hostel for Children of Devdasis

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+ Financial Help for Marriage of Girls in Orphanages, Women Reception Centers and Protection Homes
  • This scheme is applicable to Girls in various government/ NGO run institutions such as State Homes, Orphanages, Shelter Homes, Protection Homes under Maher Scheme and Children Homes etc. who have completed 18 years of age
  • A cheque of Rs. 25,000 is deposited in the name of the girl in her bank account (in a Nationalized Bank) for the purpose of buying marriage related expenses and for purchasing Utensils etc.
+ Shubh Mangal Samuhik Vivah Scheme
  • Grant in Aid per marrying couple is provided for daughters of Widows and Destitute Women
  • Daughters of Widows and Destitute Women who have completed 18 years of age are applicable for this scheme
  • The grant is not applicable if the girl has received any funding for her marriage from any other source

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