Women and Child Development Department has been putting in concentrated efforts in upliftment of Women and Children in the state by way of focused efforts aimed at Reducing Crime against Women, Women Empowerment through Skill Development, Reducing Malnourishment amongst children, and Reducing female feticide etc. These efforts are implemented through various policy reforms to enable administrative systems to execute the necessary programs and practices.

The department strongly believes that in achieving its key objectives, contribution of the Corporate Sector shall play a key role. Therefore, the department has come up with a CSR policy that will support the corporate efforts and channelize them in right direction so that their contributions add to the objectives of the department in general. Also, the CSR activities will be able to integrate the social considerations into their businesses, governance, management, business strategy, and daily decisions and actions.

Business community can come up with innovative, scientific, efficient, effective approaches in implementing these initiatives and become an active partner in Government’s efforts of providing an all-inclusive, safe, secure and healthy growth of its target population (more than 54% of the state population).

All the interested applicants who want to partner with the department through CSR may contact the CSR Cell at the department or submit very simple online application form for corporates. The CSR Cell in the department would then get in touch with the interested entities for chalking out the further course of action within 2-3 working days from the date of receipt of application.